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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  September 8, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> good morning, today is tuesday, september 8th, i'm erika von tiehl. we are checking in with our jan carabeo, liver outside the edel sullivan theater on broadway, as we get ready for tonight's big debut of the brand new late show with stephen colbert. also, this morning, a colorado police force, on alert. wait until you hear the threat that was phoned in to local dispatchers. and, back here at home, more than 100,000 kids heading back to school today. first day for philadelphia public schools. and maybe the one day you don't have to drag your kids out of bed, right, meisha? >> oh, absolutely, and i can tell you right now with this nice weather i bet you the kids are excited for recess. packing those lunches, apparently the parent, okay. >> and the bus stop, warm morning? >> shorts and t-shirts day. going out to school. a lot of humidity around. hopefully your school does have air-conditioning it, will get hot this afternoon, we give it another day in the 90s, then talk about keel temperatures little later in
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the week. but, outside right now, where it is pretty mild. yesterday, look at that, kicking off our potential sixth heatwave of the season. did reach 90 degrees, average highs, 81, not even close, and yesterday made it our 35th day with 9 degrees or above for the summer season. sixty-seven allentown, mid 60s mount pocono, 73 in philadelphia, temperatures pretty much close to each other right now. a loft humidity going on, as well. willow grove upper 60s, pottstown at 66 degrees this hour. dew point temperatures on the rise. earlier this weekend, they were in the 40's, indicating dry air mass. now they are approaching tropical levels. once you get to about 70, it starts feeling oppressive. that's what we are dealing with this afternoon and again tomorrow. so, just bear with us here. if you are looking for our cooler temperatures, just wait few more days it, will arrive. nothing happening on storm scan3, we keep it nice and dry, in need for the umbrella today. showers, clouds, well to the north. high pressure over us, keeps us nice and dry. check out the temperatures, 9:00 low 70s in the sunshine,
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rapidly heating up to the upper 80s by 1:00 this afternoon, mid afternoon temperatures will be topping off into the low 90s, so, high temperature today, again, right around 92, so through the morning, into the afternoon, it is going to be a warm day, even at the shore, and the poconos, temperatures warm, in the mid eight's, we will talk about the needed rain chance in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. first a look at the roads with meisha. >> good morning, justin. everyone's back to work, and back to school. so early. still dark outside. all right. let's start this off. the vine, westbound ramps to parkway, now open. that was closed. open sometime in the 6:00 hour. it is now open. so that's nice. also, the made in america, we had some clean up closures. i'll back out of the way so you can read. >> this road closures also scheduled to open around the 6:00 hour. i'll let you know when all of these open. but just make note of that for those of you driving in and around the area those are closed. also the skewing eastbound, girard, what it looks like outside. looking great. althea far cry from what i saw
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yesterday on our holiday. this is already heating up. we're at 5:30, and i can tell you right now it is going to be very busy morning, indeed, erika, back to you. >> thank you, meisha a well, tonight is the night. finally it is here. stephen colbert will relaunch the late show, debuts 11:35 here on cbs-3. we sent jan carabeo on a road trip, to new york, where everything is new except the walls at the ed sullivan theser? good morning. >> reporter: good morning, that's right, ed sullivan theater here in new york completely overhauled for this relaunch, when it days buy tonight, the late show with stephen colbert, it will have just as it first whether it first opened in 1927. so that's pretty cool. stephen colbert is no new bee, does have big shoes to fill, he's been making america laugh for nearly two decades now. and he's been making his family laugh for his entire life. he says, when he was young, he and his family, they would
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joke around, he says, the king of the moment was who ever could make the family laugh the hardest. so, let's take a look inside the theater. what the theater will look like, we talk p what you should know about the new late show host. one of 11 children, so used to vying foray tension. he's had that built in audience for his entire life. in fact, colbert says his brothers and sisters are actually funnier than he is. so, colbert said he always wanted to be a comedian, but did you didn't know how to go about that at first, take a listen. >> town south of south carolina, not known for producing comedians. and so i went off to college. i studied philosophy. and that made me sad. and then at a certain part i want to learn how it err form. went to northwestern university to theater school, outside of chicago. while i was there i went down and i saw people i am provise in chicago, chick being has i am hazing improve scene. i met a guy named del close,
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and another, and starting dot the improve olympic. i loved it. first every all you don't have to memorize anything, no lines, and i'm essentially lazy. i learned to do improve comedy through them. through that became a member of the second sit, did shows therefore years, and then, you know, got some gigs in new york, and ended up on the daily show, and then got my own show at the colbert report. >> reporter: look at him now here on broadway, the marquis says his name, he getting ready to host that first show. the front cover of the new york daily news says it all, tonight, the night. stephen colbert takes the spot here at the late show, and on the back side see the two big names, his 21st guests, a lister george clooney and gop presidential candidate, jeb bush. so it will be a fun night. erika? >> can't wait to see the dv tomorrow when we get home from work, jan, thank you. late show with stephen colbert premiers tonight at 11:00 35:00, right after "eyewitness news" here on cbs-3, if you are like jan and d
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and me and going to dvr, here is a tip, it will run little longer tonight, so extend the recording so you don't miss a sink laugh. 5:36. we want to get a check on your business news this morning, the shake up in china impacting asian markets corks impact markets here in the u.s., too. let's check in with jill wagner up at the new york stock exchange, we just need one calm week. could really use one, good morning. >> reporter: i'm with you, good morning, erika. asian stock markets mostly fell this morning including the volatile market in china so this came after some disappointing economic data about chinese exports, and the japanese economy. here in the u.s., we will see if stocks could rebounds on this shortened trading week on friday the dow fell 272 points, the nasdaq fell 49. wall street traders hit the books, mcgraw education going public, the company publishes textbooks, and instructional materials, now developing digital content, mcgraw filed papers for ipo, which values the company at $100 million.
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>> and it is a sure sign that summer is over, starbucks pumpkin spiced latte returns to the menu today. as kyw reported yesterday, there is also a new recipe, the latte's now made with real pumpkin, and no artificial flavors, or colors. a tall has about 300 calories. erika? >> but what delicious calories they are, come on, jill. you can almost smell it. >> you agree? in summer over, at least we got the pumpkin spiced latte. >> one thing to mack up for the flip flop wearing. thanks, jim. 5:37. today tickets for the pope's event on independence mail will be made available. 10,000 tickets up for grabs on line starting at noon. and their first come first serve. sign up for tickets at the world meeting of families website. and the countdown to the pope's visit continues. pope francis arrives in fill any just 18 days. hard to believe.
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attorneys for the kentucky county clerk whose jailed because she refused to issue same sex marriage licenses, those attorneys are now trying to get her released. also, republican presidential candidate is expected to drop by the jail today to show his support for kim davis. cbs correspondent allison harmilan reports from new york. >> today, mike huckabee, plans to visit kentucky clerk kim davis, in jail. where her supporters protested. >> pray for judge to repent. >> protesters gathered for several hours monday outside the home of us district judge david bunting, urge being them release davis. >> kim davis is unlawfully being head in jail right now, and being prevent from the doing her job. >> bunting sent the rowan county clerk it jail last thursday after she repeatedly defied his order to grant marriage licenses for same sex couples. davis says, doing so is against her religious
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believes. on monday her attorneys filed emergency motion that asked kentucky governor steve to accommodate davis' religious conviction, and not forbes her to issue same serbs license. >> where the court or the state of ken tongue i, to remove kim davis' name off of the marriage licenses, and to allow someone other than her toiseach these license who is do not bear her name. >> after davis sent to jail, her assistant clerk issued license toss same sex couples. supporters every same sex marriage argue that davis should do her job, or resign. allison harmilan, cbs news. >> police in colorado on high alert after 911 dispatcher received a threatening calm. take a listen. >> what's your emergency? >> it is time that you guys know we are no longer playing
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around with the police departments. aurora and denver, we are about to start striking fear shooting down all cops that we see by theirselves. this will go for the sheriff's department. you guys are evicting innocent people. let us catch you by yourself and shots fired. >> you can hear those callers threats to harm police. that call came in on sunday afternoon. late their day, shots were fired near the direction of aurora police officer. so far investigators have not connected those two incidents. authority are planning to update the case later on today. so disturbing, though. >> three civilians in florida leap into action, to help a sheriff's deputy as he's being attack. paul county deputy mike walsh recovering after eyewitnesses say this man, cory johnson, began beating walsh during a traffic stop. bystanders decided to intervene, able to stop the beat being and detain suspect until back up arrived and arrested him. sheriff calling those three men heroes.
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>> i just trying to help. >> i'm not out to live for no hero stuff, none of that stuff, all i wanted to do was help that officers because that boy would have killed limb. >> deputy now recovering from broken thumb. the suspect is in jail, on several warrants, in addition to charges of assaulting a police officer, and resisting arrest. a man found burried alive under debris in his basement is out of the hospital and recovering at an up-state new york hospital. police say that the man in his 60s waist covered in several feet of debris at the hands after neighbor, 44 year old hear offered ortiz. victim said ortiz had moved into the building a few weeks ago, ortiz is now charged with attempted murder and unlawful imprison. still ahead this morning, some new research on the shingles vaccine. why doctors now say not everyone should get it. >> also ahead, firefighters are used to rushing to scenes, but his is something just
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completely different. hear what happened when one crews' truck broke down on the way to a fire. then little later on this morning, we told but this tiger condition found wandering a california neighborhood. we now have update on where he's heading next, when we come right back. good morning.
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>> headlines here, man and woman were shot outside after bar at fifth and olney after midnight. philadelphia police are questioning a man believed to be the shooter.
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also, a major forest fire is burning in burlington county, new jersey this morning. fire crews are trying to contain it to keep it under a thousand acres. fortunately, there are no homes in danger. the fire right now is about 15% contained. and, tonight is the big premiere of the late show with stephen colbert, right here on cbs-3. you can catch the first show right after "eyewitness news" at 11:00. we're also told tonight's show will run long, so, if you are going to dvr it, if you are recording it, observe tends that recording so you don't miss anything. >> right now, listen to there is australian surfer survives a shark attack with only minor injuries. forty-two year old justin daniels hitting the waves early in the morning when shark through him off a surf board. daniels says that shark struck him from underneath and that he never saw it coming. he got back on the board, and paddled for his life toward shore. >> paddled like hell where yes one of the mates was there on the beach. had seen the whole thing.
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yes, ended up we just -- aboard. >> just incredible. you see how the hands is up there, escaped with just his cut to the hand. as he said, a ding on surf board. incredible. hey, speaking of shark attacks, over in southern california, some calling it hammer head invasion, multiple sitings and close calls with hammer heads in recent weeks. in one instance, shark circled within fu few feet of kayakers, also, over the weekend, another kayaker returned to the hop after he claims a hammer head bit his foot. one shark expert says, warmer he will nenna waters may be to blame for the shark invasion. >> and california sand like you've never seen it before. always so impressive here. in san diego sculptures from around the world transform 300 tons of sand into the beautiful works of art, put together during the us sand cup sculp challenge.
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>> she swept the competition taking home three top prizes for her work called in the zone. justin just put our little sand castle where you fill up the bucket and flip it over it, puts it to shame. >> you have to get a little walt with the salt water. but hit the sand today. it will be hot and humid. if you can, take the day off, maybe extends the labor day weekend with us more day. checking in with weather watch that's morning, it is warm start to the tuesday. we are back to reality work and school for a lot of people. 60s, 70s, right now, from some of the neighborhoods. we will check it out. fran in nottingham, chester county, 68 agreeing. eileen in bill bert ville, 60 this hour. charts worth near the fire going on mark has 62 degrees, and saylorsburg, 63. upper 60s in chesterfield, down in delaware, weaver middletown at seven open degrees, at jason's house, all right, let's go ahead, talk about our forecast now. >> probably sick of hearing about the heat. i have something for you, fall
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countdown, 17 days until fall begins. just 17 officially until fall arrives. yes, still in the summer season, so it can be warm. twenty-seven days until average high reaches 70 degrees. fifty-three in l hollow wean, # four days until we turn the clocks back one hour. as daylight saving time ends. temperature wise, 73 at the airport, mid six's mount pocono, coastal temperatures, mid and upper 60s, low 70s ocean sit. check it out. how it will feel on the steamy side today, little more humid, but look at friday, guys, how about that? something to look forward to, it starts to drop, the trends, head into the weekends, looks like pleasant conditions try to return. sky it storm can three, not much happening. high pressure over us, full sunshine again, here are rain chances, zero today, tomorrow, bump up to 20, 70% chance thursday, good news, we do need some rain. that will be our wettest day of the week. today just hot, humid,
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92 degrees, tonight warm, muggy, we will be down to the mid 70s, these 90s really do continue, for one more day, then bring it back to the 80s showers thursday, lower 80s, potentially 70s by the ends of the weekend. >> so rain thursday, we will enjoy the sunshine today. good morning, we all know, made in america festival was this past weekend, and because that far we had the clean up, some road closures, road closures that were closed ben franklin parkway, spring garden street, the vine, westbound ramp to parkway, have now all reopened, that's good news, we roll out push into the 6:00 hour it will get busy evidence by 95 southbound at girard, you can see just a sea of headlights, some taillights, too, but primarily 95 southbound at girard where we keep our eye on, where it gets busy heading into center city. very busy, i mean, i don't want to use that too lightly but getting very busy 95 southbound by girard. look at 42 freeway, those of
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you coming in from jersey, heading toward 295, you can see, again, just sea of headlights already, and we're not even into the 6:00 hour. we're close, but not even there. so this morning, i guess, the little note would be welcome back, but give yourself couple of extra minutes, erika, over to you. >> meisha, thank you. >> on the cbs-3 health watch this morning, some new data on the shingles vaccine. newspaper study suggesting the shingles vaccine is not recommended for people under age 60. researchers say, it is not a good value for younger patient, since the risk is low. and vaccine becomes ineffective by the time the patient is more likely to name that protection. face timing with your doctor, could be the wave of the future. american college of physicians says using technology to deliver medical care will be more common place in years ahead, and also it may be cheaper than an office visit. how much, new policies are needed to balance the benefits, and risks. right now, an inspiring story of dedication, as fire
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fighters southern california, they real i go above and beyond the call of duty to save a man's life. their east contra costa county fire engine broke down as they responds today a call. while waiting for a tow truck, another one came in, for medical emergency, and, it was less than a mile away. >> we decided to pick up the medical gear and head out on foot. >> well done giles. the captain says hey just in a days work. by the way he was name firefighter of the year last year, and certainly defends that title, way to go, guys. we'll be right back. first though here's what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! >> estimation from space, astronaut scott captured this view on the international space station. that's incredible. later tweeted saying that the aurora was impressive.
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little understatement. that's incredible to see. love all of this stuff these days. well, tiger cub found wandering in a california neighborhood last week now settling in at nearby animal sanctuary. however, sanctuary workers, still don't know a lot about him. the cub seemed malnourished, and will have to go through testing before he can be placed with another tiger. worker say there are signs that it is somebody's pedestrian. >> somebody declawed them, lables them, ill lou. legal in california. the biggest problem is he doesn't have a sibling, he doesn't have his mother, so this is the time of his life when he would be learning the most, yet people yanked him away from nature. >> now the sanctuary says it cost about $10,000 a month to feed a tiger. the owner says they'll likely hold a fundraiser name the cub, and keep him there. >> justin has your back to
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school forecast, also, just extraordinary discovery, so-called super henning, that dwarfs the iconic stone henning. details on that when we come back at the top of the hour. good morning. ♪
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say "adieu" to that sugar. because it still tastes good ahhhh yoplait! from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3, "eyewitness
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news". overnight violence sends two people to the hospital after a fight inside a bar spills outside and shots are fired. we're live with the latest on the investigation. >> also, developing right now, firefighters have been working through the night to try to gain control of a forest fire in new jersey. hundreds of acres are burning right now, we have the latest on that situation. >> and, finally here. tonight's the night. if you're looking live right now at the ed sullivan theatre in new york, where stephen colbert, he's going to debut the late show in less than 18 hours, can't wait for. that will good morning, tuesday, september 8th. i'm erika von tiehl. also, huge day for kids. back to school for thousands of children in our area, and lots, welcome back to all of the school buses on the road, too. we want to check in with meisha and justin, good morning. >> gosh, so crazy, holiday weekend blue right by. here we r everyone back to work, back to school, it will be busy, justin, how is it feel out there? >> unofficial end to the summer season but still
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feeling like summer outside a lot of humidity cranking up in center city. skies starting brighten up. half hour from sunrise, check it out, yesterday we did make it up to 90 degrees. so there you go. another 90 degrees day. that makes it our 35th of the season, average highs 81. so this was day one of potential sixth heatwave of the season. here we are, mid 60s, some of the suburbs to 71 degrees at the airport in center city. we zoom in closer, palmyra, new jersey at 72, mt. holly, six, a up in pottstown, you guys are still hanging out mid 60s, not much winds to deal with this morning, pretty calm. could be few ours of patchy fog, not seek anything widespread, visibility are looking good. storm scan3, nice and quiet. that's going to be the trends again, day on tuesday, a lot of sunshine in the forecast, and that's going to go to workment temperatures quickly climb up mid 80s by lunchtime, full sun threw the afternoon, humid, mid afternoon temperatures will be topping off in the lower 90s, for philadelphia, we're in the mid 80s at the shore, and the


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